Custom Design, Custom Bike, Custom install on motorcycle in Spokane, WA

Custom All-American Motorcycle Graphics

Custom Design motorcycle graphics, Custom Bike, Custom install on motorcycle in Spokane, WA

Custom designed motorcycle wrap in Spokane

Update your ride with motorcycle graphics, either accent pieces, or a full wrap!

When you have a specific wrap design in mind, it can be frustrating trying to find just the right graphics ready-made.  In most cases, a customer looking for a ready-made wrap will have to settle for generic images or elements that don’t really fit their vision.  Luckily, there is an alternative to manufactured wrap kits.  We offer custom vehicle wraps from start to finish.  One of our recent custom wrap jobs was for a Honda Goldwing motorcycle graphics wrap.

“John Lundgren did an internet search and found us through the van wrap job we did for Food Services of America.  He was looking online for motorcycle graphics, but was not happy with the standard artwork or the small sizes,” Graphic Designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.  Instead of settling for an unoriginal design, Lundgren turned to Signs for Success for his custom motorcycle wrap.  We worked with him on a design based on the American flag, tribal flames and a high-resolution image of an eagle.

We custom designed this American Flag partial wrap for this red motorcycle graphics in North Spokane, WA

Motorcycle wrap in Spokane WA

Another problem with manufactured wrap graphics is sizing.  You might find graphics to be smaller than you anticipated, or in the case of motorcycle graphics, some decals might be designed for larger vehicles and prove to be too large.

In the design phase, the eagle image was tweaked to fit the front of the motorcycle perfectly, and the blue part of the flag was positioned over the front of the foot guard.  Another challenge was getting the flames to hit various parts of the bike, but after careful measuring and a little design savvy, the customer’s vision was finally achieved.

In measuring this Motorcycle for the motorcycle graphics wrap, we had to custom design this eagle to fit the curves of the fairing, designed and wrapped by Signs for Success in Spokane

Custom Design Eagle for Motorcycle in Spokane Valley

Each element of this motorcycle graphics wrap would have been difficult if not impossible to achieve using ready-made graphics.  We had to take detailed and precise measurements as well as photos of the vehicle to get the design and install just right.  From the perfectly sized and positioned American flag to the exact size high resolution eagle with wings spread across the front of the bike, a custom design makes this motorcycle graphics wrap truly stunning.

The entire design was printed on 3M High Performance Control Tac with extra bleed, then contour cut.  Installation went smoothly with all elements hitting their mark.  Signs for Success wraps are always custom designed to fit your style and your vehicle.  Check out some of our other vehicle wraps or stop by with your car, motorcycle or boat for a free quote!

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Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design, vinyl wrap installation

How to Install Rally Stripes on a Mini Cooper

Signs for Success can add Rally Stripes to any car, almost any color, let us help you with that design

Cut vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

We can recreate or design rally stripes for your car or truck

When we first installed the wrap kit on Cedric Devaney’s Mini Cooper, the installers noted how difficult it was to install manufactured car wrap vinyl.  It was an aggressive vinyl with not much give, making installation tricky and sticky.  Installers had to be sure they got the stripes positioned perfectly on the first try or the vinyl material and the vehicle graphics would be ruined.

Just a few months after installation, the Mini Cooper was rear-ended.  After Devaney had the rear hatch and rear bumper repainted, it was time to re-install the vinyl stripes to the back half of the vehicle.  The customer purchased the same factory wrap kit and brought it to Signs for Success for installation.

Although we don’t typically recommend purchasing pre-made vinyl graphics, if a customer does purchase a wrap kit, we absolutely recommend getting high performance vinyl AND getting it professionally installed.  Dealing with aggressive vinyl requires great care and experience.  Inexperience with the different materials and tools involved can complicate the installation process, and any small error could ruin the vinyl.

Cut high performance custom Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper in Spokane Valley & Cheney

High performance vinyl Rally Stripes on Mini Cooper

The biggest challenge we faced installing the vinyl stripes on this Mini Cooper was getting placement just right.  The stripes needed to be exactly three inches apart.  “The car is very rounded, and the double stripes are supposed to look like straight lines.  When you’re working with a curve, it’s hard to get it to look right or be exact,” Signs for Success installer Rich Wilke explained.  Rich used a level laser to find the center line of the car.  “I used the laser for the original install as well.  The laser is really helpful to get the lines straight.”  The rest of the install required very deliberate and careful placement of the vinyl striping all the way down to make it appear straight over the curved surface.

If you’d rather not deal with a factory wrap kit, Signs for Success offers custom vehicle graphics for any type of vehicle.  We design, print and install vehicle wraps, vehicle lettering, and vehicle striping at our facility.  Most importantly, we can guarantee a job, and we will make sure it’s done right.

Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Paint Job vs Color Change Wrap

Avery color change car wrap vinyl, Paint Job vs Vehicle Wrap

Avery color change car wrap vinyl

Dare to Compare! Paint Job vs Color Change Wrap

If you’ve decided to change the look of your vehicle, but are still unsure whether to go the traditional paint job route or the wrap route, here are some factors to consider:

How will it affect the value of my vehicle?

An aftermarket paint job devalues the vehicle.  This is an important consideration when making any permanent change to your car or truck.  A vinyl color change wrap, on the other hand, will protect your OEM paint from fading and other minor wear and tear.  When it’s time to remove the wrap, the adhesive comes off easily, leaving the original paint job intact.

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success, Paint Job vs Vehicle Wrap

Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success

How long will it last?

A paint job lasts 3-5 or more years, depending on the quality of the job, while a color change wrap or advertising wrap lasts 5-7 years.  As long as you go with a quality paint job, the lifetimes are comparable; however, keep in mind that a paint job is a permanent change.  When the wrap begins to show wear, you can have it removed to reveal a perfectly intact paint job.  No need to re-paint or re-wrap.

How much will it cost?

A professional paint job costs thousands of dollars with some estimates coming in around $5000.  There’s always the do-it-yourself route, but you may be sacrificing quality.  Better to let the professionals handle any investment that big!  On the other hand, a full color change wrap costs sustantially less depending on the type of vehicle.

Have us install a color change wrap on your car or truck, it's cheaper than a decent paint job, and way more fun. Paint Job vs Vehicle Wrap

Lavender to Purple ombre color change wrap

Now get creative.

You’re not limited to one paint color.  Choose a texture or special effect, or choose an image that represents you.  Add matte or metallic stripes or effects or custom printing.  A vehicle wrap is completely customizable.

For color changes, we use Avery Supreme Wrapping Film, a high performance, pre-laminated vinyl.  Supreme Wrapping Film comes in hundreds of colors including matte colors, metallics, and textures.  We can also add custom graphics to a color change wrap to really make a statement.

Bottom line, investing in a new paint job is a big commitment, and although there’s nothing wrong with going that route, the color change wrap is useful for curbing some of the major commitment issues involved with a paint job.  In addition, a color change wrap saves money up front, retains value in the long run, and lasts just as long as a paint job while protecting your OEM paint.  Let our experienced design team help you come up with the perfect color or design for your vehicle. Call for a custom quote today.

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Crossfit Truck Wraps combine Fitness with Marketing

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Predation Crossfit pickup truck wrap; custom truck wrap design by Signs for Success

Truck Wraps for Functional Marketing

Around Predation Crossfit, you may hear words like “functional movement” and “functional fitness,” but what about “functional advertising” and “functional marketing“?  Crossfit combines calisthenics and strength training in natural movements that can be directly applied to our lives.  It’s a high-intensity and highly effective method of training.  Predation Crossfit owners Chance and Erin exercise to make their bodies the strongest and best they can be.  Now they’ve done the same for their business, strengthening their marketing by adding truck wraps to their advertising.

Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger created the one-of-a-kind truck wraps design based on meaningful symbols to Chance and Erin.  The eagle represents Chance’s 20 years as a U.S. Navy SEAL.  The eagle is carrying three things: the kettlebell, which is used in various ways at Predation Crossfit and is representative of crossfit, the barbell for strength, and the ax because Erin is a world champion in Lumberjack Sports.  “And of course the American flag because we love this country; America is the greatest place,” Erin added, “Not many people ask about the meaning behind it.  They just see it and think it’s cool.  It’s both of our lives wrapped into one.”

We printed the graphics on 3M’s Controltac, a high-performance conformable vinyl.  We used perforated window film to wrap the eagle’s wings around to the back window.  Perforated film allows graphics to be placed on windows without obstructing the view from inside the vehicle.  Adding vehicle lettering for their phone number and website completed this partial truck wraps.

Custom truck wrap graphics for Crossfit gym  in Spokane WA

Custom truck wrap graphics for Crossfit gym in Spokane WA

Vehicle wraps generate interest and get seen all over town.  Instead of spending hundreds of dollars per month running ads, use high impacting and efficient truck graphics.  According to the American Trucking Association, 98% of in-car audiences notice and remember truck-side ads.  That’s an incredible return on your advertising dollar.  Truck wraps look professional, generate curiosity, and boost brand recognition.  Vehicle wraps are the best form of outdoor advertising, reaching more consumers at a lower cost than any other form of outdoor advertising.

Within one week, the newly wrapped Predation Crossfit truck brought a new customer to the gym who saw the truck parked outside and decided to go in. Try your own custom truck wraps.

Just as Crossfit has come on the scene filling a void where static exercise regimens couldn’t fully prepare its trainees for real-world situations, mobile advertising gets your business the best exposure possible and fills a literal void on vehicles.  You own the space to advertise, you just have to fill it.  Coupling traditional forms of signage with mobile advertising gives you a strategy that will reach the widest audience and keep your business fit.

Contact us for a quote and to talk about your project.

John's matte black and camouflage wrap on Dodge pickup truck

John’s Camo and Matte Truck Wraps

John's matte black and camouflage wrap on Dodge pickup truck wraps by Signs for Success in Spokane

John’s matte black and camouflage wrap on Dodge pickup truck

People love to personalize their stuff.  We’ve wrapped personal golf carts, a go cart, and an ice rink Zamboni, not to mention hundreds of cars, trucks and boats, and each project has its own story.  In the case of John’s camouflage and matte black truck wrap, the wrap design evolved from a simple camo truck wraps into something much more unique.  After seeing the matte black color change vinyl at a show in Las Vegas, Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger couldn’t wait to try it out.

The Design

The matte black vinyl was cleverly worked into the camo wrap design by adding striping to the hood and sides of the truck.  The entire top of the cab is also wrapped with pre-laminated Avery Supreme Wrapping Film in Matte Black.  The Oak Ambush camouflage pattern was printed directly to 3M High Performance Control Tac Vinyl and laminated with 8520 Matte Laminate.  By laminating the camo with a matte laminate, we achieved a cohesive matte truck wraps.

Some unique features for this wrap included a black matte stripe running horizontally down the body with the “DODGE” logo reversed in camo, a wrapped-to-match bug shield, and the matte black grill.

Dodge Ram pickup truck wraps with camo camouflage, non repeating pattern and matte black accents, by Signs for Success, Spokane

camo truck graphics – side view

The Installation

The installation was quick and easy with the aid of knifeless tape.  When applying multiple layers of vinyl, knifeless tape creates a straight, smooth cutting line without the risk of scratching the paint underneath.  This made the job easier since there were many instances where specific pieces of the wrap needed to be cut on the vehicle to match the body lines of John’s truck.

Installation with two different materials is similar to the installation process with just one.  For any successful installation, we first prep the surface by cleaning the vehicle and wiping down with alcohol.  Then we remove any pieces like side mirrors, taillights, bumpers, and emblems. We try to follow the 5 minute rule: if it takes less than 5 minutes to remove and gets an obstacle out of the way, we do it.

Because there were multiple layers with this truck wraps, installers started at the bottom of the truck and worked their way up.  That way, the seams are overlapped in a way that allows any dirt or drainage to easily run off rather than build up at the seam edges.

non-repeating camouflage camo truck wraps, better pattern than others, custom wrap with gloss grapics and matte black accents, in Spokane.

Camouflage camo pickup wrap

To apply the vinyl on truck wraps, we simply place the vinyl where we want it, then start applying with a squeegee.  A light releasable adhesive helps the vinyl stay put before heating, but also allows for repositioning if placement is a little off.  We use the squeegee to press into all the grooves, following with a heat gun as we go, then reheat with the heat gun to set the material.  Signs for Success wrap installer Rich Wilke explained, “when you bend, twist and stretch the vinyl, it gets tension; heating the vinyl again will release that tension.”  We make sure all bubbles and wrinkles have been worked out before trimming off excess vinyl around door handles and any other features.  Then we reassemble the parts that were removed.

To sum it up:

  1. Clean vehicle
  2. Remove any pieces you can (side mirrors, taillights, bumper, etc.)
  3. Place the vinyl where you want it
  4. Use squeegee to press into grooves
  5. Follow with a heat gun as you squeegee the material, removing all bubbles and wrinkles
  6. Reheat to set the material
  7. Trim excess material
  8. Replace any pieces that were removed for installation

This unique truck wrap captures both the urban and country sides of John by melding camo with matte black in an overall sleek matte design.  Our experienced install team skillfully applied all the elements, and it still looks great two years later! contact us for a free quote on your wrap project.

Want to see how we did it?


Large Truck lettering, add USDOT and logo to vehicles in Spokane, Signs for Success is Fast Now

Semi Truck Lettering

Large Truck lettering, add USDOT and logo to vehicles in Spokane, Signs for Success is Fast Now, semi truck lettering

Drywall Specialties logo on truck

Signs for Success specializes in all types of advertising signage, including semi truck lettering, vinyl decals and graphics for all types of trucks.  In fact, we have a huge customer base of commercial truckers who come in regularly to get vinyl lettering for their trucks. For truckers, there’s no better advertising out there than to advertise directly on your vehicle.  According to the American Trucking Association, the average delivery truck makes 16 million impressions every year.  Truck lettering looks great for at least 3 years and can last up to 7 years or more, so you’ll be advertising everywhere you go (and even when you’re parked) for several years! Here’s what you get with semi truck advertising:

  • Wide audience exposure – we’re talking pretty much everyone
  • Low maintenance
  • High return on investment
Adding chrome 5 year foil vinyl to a red truck with black accents is a great look for a semi logo, semi truck lettering

Premier Northwest Excavation foiled vinyl lettering

In addition, truckers, haulers, and commercial and fleet transportation are required by law to have certain information visible on the outside of their trucks.  They must display any or all of the following: the name and city of the company, VIN number, ICC number, DOT number, and GVW, all in specified letter sizes.  Semi truck lettering, Vinyl lettering is perfect for DOT and other required numbers – it’s inexpensive and lasts for several years. Adding a logo or other eye-catching graphics will help you stand out from other trucking companies on the road, and unifying graphics among trucks in a fleet will create brand awareness and increase brand recognition.  New and consistent logo and lettering on Inland Empire Distribution Systems’ semi trucks made their fleet recognizable on the road.  For any company looking to expand, logo branding is essential. Some other ways to make your seimi truck lettering stand out on the road are: custom logo, unique font, reflective or metallic lettering.

IEDS custom semi truck lettering and logo

IEDS custom truck lettering and logo

We can print your custom logo, whether it’s one solid color or full color.  We can even design a new logo for you. Ozark Data Security used their logo in almost every space possible on their truck.  Below the door on each side, their DOT number is visible and within all regulations. With over 3,000 fonts to choose from, we can recommend which fonts are best for longevity when used on vehicles, and which are the easiest to apply.  SA Trucking chose to have the “SA” in their name printed in a large script font to stand out and give them a look of their own. Finally, we have metal-look and dazzler vinyls that can be used for cut vinyl lettering or a one- or two-color logo.  Sage Green Metallic, Bright Blue Metallic, and Red Metallic are just a few of the metallic colors available.  Just in the silver/gray range, you can choose from Light Silver, Silver Blue, Slate, Gray, Smoke, or Charcoal Metallic.

Alpha Omega Tours used Sapphire Blue  High Performance Vinyl over Charcoal Grey Metallic to give the look of a shadow. We offer quick turnaround on semi truck lettering, even same day (with a rush charge), or within 2-3 days on a normal order.  You can pick up the vinyl lettering and instructions for installation or we can install the semi truck lettering for you.  We can also mail lettering with instructions if you’re out of the area.  With your custom semi truck lettering or truck graphics, you are sure to stand out wherever your travels may take you. Contact us for a free quote.


Signs for Success can wrap or or put letter graphics and striping on your large vehicles and trucks in Spokane and Cheney, semi truck lettering

Cut vinyl lettering on bus in Mead

JRCC wanted a wrap for their pickup that really stood out and spoke about restoration, Signs for Success delivered, vehicle wraps Chewelah

5 Steps to a Perfect Vehicle Wrap

JRCC wanted a wrap for their pickup that really stood out and spoke about restoration, Signs for Success delivered

JRCC pickup truck wrap, custom design by Signs for Success

Vehicle Wraps are arguably the best form of advertising out there.  Vehicle graphics generate up to 70,000 impressions per day wherever they go with a 96% recall rate among those tens of thousands of consumers.

Vehicle wraps:

  • Offer the lowest cost per impression in outdoor advertising
  • Generate tens of thousands of impressions daily
  • Advertise 24/7 for 5-7 years
  • Build brand awareness
  • Personalize your business or personal vehicle

After printing and installing hundreds of vehicle wraps, we’ve honed in on the 5 key steps to creating a successful vehicle wrap.  Beginning with a quote and ending with the perfect car or truck wrap, we’ll take you through the each step of the process.

  1. Your Quote

With hundreds of available colors – matte black, anyone? – and limitless design possibilities, the correct answer is “yes we can.”  Our pricing is competitive and we can create full or partial wraps to work within your budget.  Did we mention that vehicle wraps offer the lowest cost per impression in outdoor advertising?  Once we determine a quote for your custom vehicle wrap, a 50% deposit is required to get your order started.

  1. Lexar Homes with MDI Advertising designed and wrapped this pickup with a strong advertising message for this pickup wrap at Signs for Success in Spokane.

    Lexar Homes pickup truck wrap, simple and effective vehicle wrap design by Signs for Success

    Your Design

We’ll take a closer look at your vehicle wrap design, making sure all design components work with your vision as well as your particular year, make and model vehicle.  Our experienced designers will tailor the design to a detailed vehicle template and provide a proof for your approval.

  1. Your Vehicle

Measure twice, cut once!  Now that design templates are ready, we need to see your vehicle and get exact measurements to ensure your wrap will fit correctly in all the right places.  Especially in the case of unique details like an extra-long truck bed or door handle placement, we will make sure text and logos are visible and your wrap is a perfect fit.

  1. Your Materials

We use high performance Avery Supreme Wrapping Film for color change wraps as well as custom vehicle wraps.  It’s highly conformable with bubble-free application and gives a smooth, paint-like finish.  Removable adhesive means the vinyl comes off cleanly when you’re ready to change your message.  Choose from textured, special effect, metallic, or custom printed vinyl wraps.

  1. Your Installation
Market Vision ad agency designed this custom wrap for Dishman Dodge advertising for Mt. Spokane ski and snowboard park in Spokane and Greenbluff

Market Vision Dishman Dodge Jeep for Mt. Spokane vehicle wrap

Signs for Success is among the best in the business when it comes to graphic design, digital printing and vehicle wrap installation.  Installations are done in our secure indoor installation facility by Avery Certified installers who have hundreds of hours of training and experience.

Depending on the complexity of the wrap, our certified installers will need your vehicle for approximately 3 working days.  We ask that you wash your vehicle before delivery to expedite the first stages of installation.  Once the vehicle wrap is installed, we will review proper vehicle cleaning and maintenance techniques.

With our wide range of graphic solutions, you can customize your vehicle with almost any conceivable design and/or message.  Whether you want to personalize your truck, car or boat or your goal is to boost sales and brand awareness by adding graphics to your company vehicle or fleet, these 5 steps to a perfect custom vehicle wrap will make that lasting impression. Call us for a free quote