custom sponsor school signs hanging in gym for schools by Signs for Success near Mead and Chewelah

Use School Signs to Raise Money

custom sponsor school signs hanging in gym

High school sponsor signs printed on corrugated plastic

School signs provide a vital means of communication between a school and its community, parents, students and teachers.  From sponsor signs to event signs to safety signs, custom printed school signs are a great addition to any campus.

Use school signs to:

  • Thank sponsors and volunteers
  • Promote fundraisers
  • Maintain safety indoors and out
  • Recognize student, teacher and school achievements
  • Announce school functions
  • Promote sporting events
custom printed school signs, Rogers High School in Spokane

Rogers High School literacy sign

School signs can be printed on a number of different materials.  The most cost-effective material – and perfectly adequate for temporary signs – is corrugated plastic.  Often called coro or corex, the material has a corrugated core and a smooth plastic face.

“We print sponsor signs on corrugated plastic for Rosalia School District, Liberty School District and Northwest Christian School.  It’s a great way for public and private schools to raise the badly needed funds to enhance their sports programs,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger said.

We digitally print the custom design or message, then add grommets or heavy duty double stick tape for easy hanging.

Custom printed school signs

Custom printed school sign

For long-term school signs, there are many more rigid sign materials to choose from.  We printed these literacy wall signs on high impact polystyrene and gatorplast for Rogers High School.  The purpose of the signs was to develop and increase students’ love for reading and literacy in their school, and they will be sure to last many years.

Some other materials for indoor and outdoor school signs include: Aluminum or Aluminum Composite Material (ACM), Lexan, Acrylic, and PVC.  Aluminum is great for safety signs, whether they’re in the parking lot or in the science lab.  Show your school pride with parking signs, visitor signs, and security signs with custom printed school name and/or mascot.

Whatever school signs you might need, Signs for Success can create the perfect custom signs for you.  Contact us for a free quote!

This temporary back wall for Brooks & Dunn concert advertisement at Spokane Tradeshow is made of foamcore, but could easily be a banner or other substrate, foamcore displays cheney, printed foam core spokane

Custom Foamcore Signs

This temporary back wall signs for Brooks & Dunn concert advertisement at Spokane Tradeshow is made of foamcore, but could easily be a banner or other substrate

Scored foamcore panel for Brooks & Dunn concert advertisement at Spokane Tradeshow

Foamcore, or foam board,

is definitely an underutilized sign material.  Though foamcore must be used solely for indoor signs, because it is both inexpensive and professional looking, foamcore signs can be used either as short- or long-term signage in almost any setting.

Use foamcore signs for:

  • Hanging signs
  • Point of Purchase signs
  • Directional signs
  • Exhibit signs and Kiosks
  • Tradeshow displays
  • Custom shaped signs
  • Easel signs
  • Presentation displays
Decorate with affordable styrene, paper, foamcore signs, gator posters in your retail clothing store, by Signs for Success in Spokane

Retail store signs

Foamcore is a paper product with a wood-fiber veneer.  It has similar thickness to corrugated plastic, but with a smooth face, and it’s perfect for indoor displays and indoor hanging signs.  Unfortunately, the soft paper exterior of foamcore means it is not outdoor durable, and should be kept away from moisture and high-traffic areas.

Even though it can be fragile, foamcore’s positive qualities prevail:

  • Holds a high-quality digital print
  • Very lightweight; ideal for indoor hanging signs
  • Inexpensive
  • Professional looking interior signage

Our foamcore signs are custom, full color signs that can be printed either single- or double-sided.  See descriptions of foamcore and other sign materials. Our experienced design team can take a concept and create a one-of-a-kind look for your next custom sign project.  Contact us today to get started!

Restored arcade pinball glass with digital printing by Spokane Signs for Success

Retro Art Restoration: Recreating Pinball Glass

Restored arcade pinball glass with digital printing

Restored arcade pinball glass

Because we create custom digital prints, we often get interesting and unusual requests.  These are fun projects that test our creativity and show off just much our equipment can do.  We were recently asked to restore a retro pinball machine to its original pop art glory.

“The customer had purchased a used pinball machine online.  It was a “Williams Heat Wave” machine.  He said he used to play it for hours when he was a child,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  However, when the customer received his beloved pinball machine, the glass was broken into three pieces.  “It appeared at some point someone had shot it with a BB gun,” Will said.  “We scanned the pieces he had, recreated the missing areas from scratch and reprinted the image onto a piece of glass that the customer provided.”

Before and after photo of recreated glass, pinball machine glass, digital printing

Before and after photo of recreated glass

Digital Printing

Signs for Success specializes in custom large-format digital printing.  Digital printing can translate into car and truck wraps, large signs, posters, banners, decals, and so much more.  This project incorporated our extensive knowledge and experience in backlit signs.  Digital printing makes full color backlit signs possible, but getting the color and saturation just right can be tricky when a sign is backlit half the time, and front-lit the other half of the time.  Too often, we see dark sign graphics during the day and washed out signs at night.  So we came up with a solution – layering color with white ink during printing allows a light-blocking layer so the same color and saturation can be seen whether the sign is lit from the front or back.  We used the same technique for the pinball glass.

“There are areas of the image that don’t show up until the image is backlit.  We were able to recreate these areas using layers of white ink and color,” Will explained.  When the lights come on, the graphics really pop out thanks to a layer of white ink and a second layer of color behind those images.

With a little design savvy, state-of-the-art FB500 flatbed printer, and understanding of color and white ink, we were able to recreate the broken pinball glass.  The customer was ecstatic that we were able to restore his pinball machine and will be able to once again “play it for hours.”

Tradeshow displays, retractable banner stands and promotional products are produced by Signs for Success in Spokane

This vista sign doesn't have the printed info in it, just the frame so far, but it looks great and is totally changeable whenever you want to change the message

Modular Sign Systems

This vista sign doesn't have the printed info in it, just the frame so far, but it looks great and is totally changeable whenever you want to change the message

Vista modular sign on wall

Modular sign systems offer sleek, professional looking signs to give an office building a unified look, inside and out.  We have partnered with Vista Signs to offer a modern and functional modular sign system called “modular curved frame technology,” or MCFT.   These modular signs offer any type of way finding sign, all with a modern, professional, unified look.  Vista describes MCFT as “contemporary euro design,” which uses a modern curved shape that is both functional and attractive.

Among the types of modular signs offered are:

  • Wall frames
  • Flag signs
  • Directory signs
  • Table stands
  • Double sided pylons

    Curved Extruded Signs

    MCFT Signs

  • Suspended signs
  • Post pylons
  • Triangular pylons
  • Lighted signs

The MCFT Advantage

Modular signs are easy to update.  The curved frame system accommodates many types of sign substrates including plastics such as styrene, metals, or paper.  The sign is easily inserted or removed to update a sign.  The curved shape keeps inserted materials firmly in place using its strong tension grip.  In addition, the frame system can be used in conjunction with engraving, vinyl, ADA, digital printing, and more.  The modular system is highly versatile since standardized units can be assembled in different ways.

We've partnered with Vista to provide custom modular sign systems

We’ve partnered with Vista to provide custom modular sign systems

One of the newest modular sign products is Slider Signs.  These signs are perfect for displaying “OCCUPIED/ VACANT” and come in the standard curved frame extrusion.  They’re made to match all the other curved frame signs offered by Vista, adding a new option to the professional line of indoor and outdoor signs.  “They look great on a wall, a door, or next to one of our signs!” Vista representative Ashley Charles said.  There’s a growing demand for sliding signs, and Signs for Success can get them for you!  Use other modular curved frame signs in conjuction with slider signs, and you’ll have a complete, professional look for your office building.  Learn more about Vista signs or request a quote.

These lap desks are printed and laminated, double sided, then cut out, given to school kids in Africa for a great learning experience

Aluminum Composite Lap Desks Transform Education in Africa

These lap desks are printed and laminated, double sided, then cut out, given to school kids in Africa for a great learning experience

PAL Lap desks are custom printed aluminum composite material

PAL stands for Portable Academic Lapdesk.  “PAL was born out of years of working in Malawi and Zambia and seeing the dire needs of the schools there,” PAL Non-Profit founder Jackie Wells said.  “In 2009 we developed the idea of making a lap desk that contained all the basics of education on either side of the lap desk.   This would give the students both a desk to work from and basically a visual textbook.”

It took Joel and Jackie Wells several years to develop their non-profit organization, design and copyright the lap desk, get a design patent, and try different prototypes.  During the prototype process, Jackie contacted Signs for Success to see what they could come up with.  “John was willing to think outside the box and came up with the idea of printing directly onto Aluminum Composite.   By laminating over the printing we are providing extra protection as well as UV protection,” Jackie said.Printing Direct to aluminum composite for PAL project

Aluminum Composite Material

Aluminum composite is made of two sheets of thin aluminum with a solid polyethylene core.  It is outdoor durable, heat resistant and water proof.  Lamination increases the life of the print and further protects from UV rays and normal wear and tear.

Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger helped with setup and corrections to provided art files.  Running test prints for the double sided printing took some time and tweaking to get it just right, but with approval from the customer, hundreds of these unique lap desks went to production.  Finally, in June 2014, after much preparation and determination, Joel and Jackie completed the production and distribution of 550 PALs throughout African countries Malawi and Zambia.

PAL lap desk are a hit with teachers and students alike

PAL lap desk are a hit with teachers and students alike

Lap desks Get Enthusiastic Response

The distribution to village schools included teacher training.  They’ve since heard back from several teachers about the success of the lap desks.  One teacher wrote, “By seeing the PAL some of our older learners are self-correcting things they had learned wrong.”  Another wrote, “teaching becomes simple to me because learners participate actively using these PALs.”

In a letter of endorsement from the Director of Basic Education in Malawi, Dr. Chimombo states, “The PAL gains the attention of our students with its bright and colourful presentation and gives them a global perspective.  Many of our schools have limited supplies.  If we can establish the distribution of this tool into these schools the PAL will provide them with a much needed resource.  The teacher’s manual that accompanies the PAL will provide great support to instructors.”

Joel and Jackie are in the midst of a RocketHub social media campaign that will last until April 15 to raise funds to take 600 more PALs into Africa in September 2015. See a great video of PALs in action Learn more about PAL.

Learn more about our custom rigid signs or request a free quote.

PAL Final-LAPDESK_Clean_side2



PAL Final-LAPDESK_Clean_side1

PAL lap desk side 2

Life Sized Standee for grocery store advertising shows Tom Sherry at Spokane Trading Co Stores, cut out of Styrene, Gator, or Coro, free standing coroplast signs spokane valley

Coroplast Signs: Beyond Yard Signs

Coroplast Signs: Life Sized Standee for grocery store advertising shows Tom Sherry at Spokane Trading Co Stores, cut out of Styrene, Gator, or Coro, free standing

Tom Sherry life sized coro stand for grocery store

Coroplast Signs, also known as coro, corro, corex, fluted plastic or corrugated plastic, often gets overlooked as a serious sign substrate.  Its versatility and other great qualities lend itself to several situations, indoor and out, temporary or long-term.  Even though coro is great for yard signs (perhaps its most usual niche), its potential goes far beyond the front yard.

Some other ways to use coroplast signs include:

  • Menu boards
  • Event signs
  • Directional signs
  • A-frame signs
  • Construction signs
  • Tradeshow signs
  • Standees
  • Indoor hanging signs
  • Point of purchase signs, and more!
Parking sign out of Corro coro corrugated plastic, coroplast signs for Hillyard Florist in Spokane, make a great yard, political, or real estate sign

Hillyard Florist Parking sign

What makes coro so versatile is its lightweight, durable material.  It’s 100% recyclable and water- and weather-resistant.  Coupled with the inexpensive price, coroplast is an easy choice for many sign solutions.

Coro is relatively inexpensive, and it can often be used in place of a banner.  “Coroplast Signs have the same look as a banner when you put it up, and it’s cheaper than banner material,” Signs for Success designer Vanessa Bogensberger explained.  “We had a customer who wanted a 3’x7’ banner, and we suggested printing to coro instead.  They got two 2’x8’ coro coroplast signs for less than it would have cost for one banner.”

Signs for Success stocks Standard and Opaque Corrugated Plastic in both 4’x 8′ and 5’x 10′ sheets.  Contact us today to get started on your next custom coro sign project!

See coro &  other substrate sign materials.

See the difference our triple strike method produces, everyone else in town prints backlit like the frog on the right, Signs for Success produces full color like the one on the left, come see us now for a fast quote

How to Get Perfect Backlit Signs Day and Night

See the difference our triple strike method produces, everyone else in town prints backlit signs like the frog on the right, Signs for Success produces full color like the one on the left, come see us now for a fast quote

Signs for Success triple strike backlit sign test

Driving around Spokane, you may not see a whole lot of full color backlit signs.  That’s because full color outdoor backlit signs present a special challenge: constantly changing ambient light.

In the beginning of sign making, backlit signs were hand painted with translucent paint that looked great when lit from the front by the sun as well as at night when lit from behind.  The transition from hand-painting to cut vinyl made the process easier, and translucent vinyl worked well for both day and night settings.  The downside to the vinyl was that it was and still is very expensive compared to other options.  In addition to a high price tag, the vinyl could only produce spot color, so images and text had to be simple. Photos, gradients and special effects were not possible.

Digital printing has solved both of these problems, but naturally, it leads to some of its own complications.  Digitally printing a sign face is more cost effective than either hand-painting or ordering and cutting several colors of translucent vinyl.  It also allows for a multitude of nearly unlimited color choices, and digitally printed gradients produce a realistic, vibrant image.  The complication arises when different lighting – from the outside by the sun, and from the inside by electrical lighting – hits the print.  Backlit signs have to not only look good at night when they’re lit from behind, but they also have to look good all day long when the light source comes from outside. “Traditional digitally printed backlit signs look washed out at night.  One option is to bump up saturation, which makes the sign too dark during the day,” Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger explained.

Balance Eternalle Day Spa in Spokane wanted more visibility at night, so this backlit signs light up great and shows hot stone massage

Balance Eternelle Day Spa Backlit Sign during the day

The solution?  Over several weeks of testing, we found that the best combination was printing the image in color, then a layer of 50% opacity white ink, and finally another layer of color.  These three layers make it possible for the image to shine through no matter what direction the light comes from.  “During the day, the white backs up the outer layer, and during the night, the second layer of color comes through due to the backlighting,” John explained. “This allows the sign to look great day or night.”

In the picture above, we printed the same image using three different processes.  The image on the right shows a “single strike,” or just one layer of ink.  This type of printing is great for most signs, but as you can see, the backlighting washes out the image at night.  The image on the left shows the same image printed on the front of the sign face, then printed in reverse on the back side.  This “double strike” method gives better color, but can be very difficult to register exactly on both sides.  The center image is a “triple strike” with color, white ink, then color printed on the sign face.  Our test image is printed with 100% opacity white ink, but by lowering the opacity to 50%, the image is bright and clear.

Change the faces for the backlit signs logo and readerboard on pole signs in Spokane, done fast by Signs for Success

Spokane First backlit sign

Even with the extra ink and extra printing time required for a triple strike, this is still the most cost effective option for vibrant full color backlit signs that look great in any lighting conditions.  The color will be sure to last at least 3-5 years, and if the sign is laminated, you can expect 5-7 years of life.

We coined the phrase “backlit triple strike” – since perfecting the method, we just don’t do backlit signs any other way.  “Triple strike” refers to the three trips the material takes through the printer, first receiving the sign graphics in full color, then a layer of white ink, then another run of the graphics in full color.  This technique allows the intended color and saturation to show through whether the light source comes from outside the sign or from within, creating great backlit signs day or night.

See More Back-lit or Illuminated Signs or Request a Quote today.

You can even hide the mess next door with custom printed chain link privacy slats like this Spokane Business did, by Signs for Success, call now for a fast, free quote

Fence Slat Signs Turn Chain Link into a Giant Sign

You can even hide the mess next door with custom printed chain link privacy slats like this Spokane Business did, by Signs for Success, call now for a fast, free quote

Hide the mess next door with fence slat signs

Ever thought of Fence Slat Signs ?

Chain link fencing is everywhere.  It’s a great advertising space, but the biggest problem we see with fence signs is wind damage.  When heavy gusts come from behind the fence, a banner becomes like a sail, and over time, the sign will tear or blow away.  Mesh banner material allows the wind to filter through, but with very strong winds, even that’s not enough to keep a banner in one piece.

Custom printed plastic inserts solve this problem.  They slide into chain link fence, and because individual slats have much less surface area than a large sign or banner, they’re not susceptible to wind damage.

up close view of Chain Link Fence Slat, Fence Slat Signs, for privacy fences, printed with whatever message or high resolution image you want, Signs for Success can do the design as well

Close-up of Chain Link Fence Slats

The idea for fence slat signs first came when a neighbor decided to dismantle a motorhome in their front yard.  The banging and pounding was bearable but the eyesore was not.  So we decided to create some privacy between our property and theirs by printing custom chain link fence slat signs.

Chain link fence slat signs can be printed on both sides, offering twice the advertising space, so our next question was, “what should we print?”  We used the opportunity to showcase text sizing so clients could get a realistic idea of how big 8″ to 24″ tall letters and numbers look at a viewing distance of 140 feet – the distance from our showroom to the fence.  On the side facing away from our property, the slats are printed with a serene mountain scene.

Custom Chain Link Fence Slats, Fence Slat Signs printed with this daycare children's artwork and sponsor logos for a unique advertising that the parents and local businesses love in North Dakota, by Signs for Success

Decorated custom chain link fence slats

Chain link fence slats can be used to:

  • Advertise
  • Inform
  • Add decoration
  • Create privacy

Signs for Success can help you get your message or image on virtually any surface.  Just give us a call and we will make it happen!

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Realtors and homeowners can get a great sign at affordable prices, even just for one from Signs for Success Spokane

Coroplast Yard Signs are Still #1

Realtors and homeowners can get a great sign at affordable prices, even just for one from Signs for Success Spokane

For Sale by Owner real estate sign

It may not be the latest and greatest, and it’s certainly not the most glamorous sign, but corrugated plastic, or coroplast signs, have held their place as our most popular product for over a decade.  Coro signs are most commonly used as yard signs or lawn signs, although they can be used in almost any situation, indoors or out.

As outdoor signs, they work best in mild weather conditions and out of direct sunlight.  But even in wet or sunny spots, coroplast yard signs can last several months.  Custom lawn signs are commonly utilized by:

  • Political campaigners
  • Real estate agents
  • Construction companies
  • Contractors
  • Churches
  • Schools
  • Sports teams
  • Youth leagues
  • Non-profit organizations, and more!
Realtor Real Estate sign for Keller Williams on Spokane with rider, grommets added, printed by Signs for Success on coro

Keller Williams Real Estate sign with rider

Coro yard signs are transportable, replaceable, easily mass-produced, and best of all, extremely cost-effective.  It’s no wonder these simple signs are so popular!

Any sign company will tell you the most popular size for yard signs is 18” x 24”.  At this size, lawn signs are very cost-effective because they use the exact amount of material required for printing.  This is also true for 6”x24” real estate signs, 12”x18” lawn signs, and 24”x24” signs.

Custom sizes and custom shapes are also available to really make your yard signs stand out.  We’ve created coroplast signs that are custom sized and shape-cut to look like a person, animal, vehicle, and even a giant vegetable!

Pro Asphalt needed affordable coro corro corrugated yard signs with stakes in Spokane and Greenacres

Pro Asphalt corro yard sign

We’ve also gotten creative with installation, now offering giant wind-proof signs that span a chain link fence.  Instead of using a stake to place the sign in the ground or zip ties to attach a sign to a fence, simply slide the custom printed fence slats through chain link for a unique outdoor sign solution.

Here are some ideas for your next coroplast yard signs order:

  • Use full color
  • Add a logo or graphic element
  • Use a bold font and simple text
  • Mass produce your coroplast signs to always have some on hand
  • Go for a unique size or shape
  • Try fence slats to cover a chain link fence
  • See other sign material options

Our experienced designers can help put together an effective sign design.  Contact us: Call, email, or stop by our showroom to get started!

Settlers of Catan custom printed game boards for groomsmen gifts

Settlers of Catan Custom Game Boards

Settlers of Catan custom printed game boards for groomsmen gifts

Settlers of Catan custom printed game boards for groomsmen gifts

These particular printed custom game boards were created for a groom-to-be with a love for Settlers of Catan.

“My son Jim just graduated from Gonzaga and will soon be stationed as an Army officer in Hawaii with his wife Hannah. They were married this past weekend and he wanted to make something truly unique for his groomsmen gifts,” Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger said.  “Since Jim has been working around the sign shop since he was a kid, he’s got a good feel for what we can do.  With our state-of-the-art design and printing technologies, we can come up with a solution for just about any project.  Even though it was our first time working on a project like this, Jim knew it could be done, and with style.”

Digitally printed wood game boards with shape cuts, custom game boards

Digitally printed wood game boards with shape cuts

Jim came up with the idea of printing the game on a thin 1/8” wood board and personalizing the games to each groomsman.  Signs for Success designers Vanessa Bogensberger and Will Oakley created the designs.

After purchasing raw wood, Jim applied a layer of clear finish to the entire printing surface.  Then the graphics were printed with our HP FB500 and covered with another layer of clear finish.  He then took the boards to Decade Awards where Ted & Adam laser cut the shapes out of the board.  Jim used transfer tape over the surface to protect the graphics from the laser.

Next, he printed a parchment background on the back side of Marine Grade vinyl upholstery fabric to give the fabric the look of Parchment.  On the face of the vinyl fabric Jim printed the cover and back, each of which were customized with a nickname and the event date. The custom game boards were then attached to the parchment side of the fabric.

Custom printed wood game boxes, custom game boards

Custom printed wood game boxes

To take it over the top, Jim decided to make custom wood game boxes that required a lot of cuts and finishing.  The custom game boards box lids were printed with our HP FB500.  Because the inks are translucent against a non-white surface, we utilized the white ink channel and put a layer of white ink, also called white ink underflood, under the graphic in order to maintain the color.

“There was no money in this project but it was great fun working with my son and learning new things that can be done with our equipment.  We learned we can laser cut wood after printing on it and we can print on both sides of the Marine Grade Upholstery fabric,” John said.  “Kudos to his mom and one of our designers Will Oakley for working out all the print and cut files. That alone took many hours.”






Here’s a short video about the project: