Adding your message or advertisement to the Doors of the Elevator really add impact to your message, Like this at Spokane Valley Hospital installed for Allegra Signs, elevator wraps spokane

Custom Eye-Catching Elevator Wraps Spokane

Adding your message or advertisement to the Doors of the Elevator really add impact to your message, Like this at Spokane Valley Hospital installed for Allegra Signs, elevator wraps spokane

Spokane Valley Hospital Elevator Wrap

Elevator wraps Spokane offer huge impact for any business, product or message.  They’re still relatively new and unique.  People’s eyes may pass over a wall sign without noticing much, but an elevator sign is more likely to get someone’s attention.  Pair its uniqueness with the fact that people will spend time both waiting for an elevator and inside an elevator, a vinyl wrap on either side of elevator doors makes for great advertising.

Elevator wrap for Spokane Valley Hospital, Allegra advertising, installed by Signs for Success Spokane

A second elevator wrap at the same Spokane Valley Hospital

Research shows elevator wraps generate a 96% recall rate.  This may be due to the extra time one might spend in front of the ad as well as the lack of distractions within an elevator. An elevator wrap campaign is effective in a number of situations: in malls and office buildings, hotels and airports, universities and hospitals.  Anywhere you can expect a lot of, and varied, foot traffic is a great opportunity for an elevator wrap advertisement.

Elevator doors vary in height and width, but you can expect somewhere around 4’ x 8’ worth of advertising space.  This valuable space can be used to showcase a product, an event, an award, or a charity or fundraiser.  This elevator wrap at Spokane Valley Hospital directs viewers to the Joint Restoration Center’s website.  Changing out signage periodically will draw more interest.  By using self-adhesive vinyl with a releasable adhesive, you can easily remove an elevator wrap without leaving any residue behind.  Simply install the next wrap and enjoy.

If you have elevator space, an elevator wrap is an excellent way to utilize the space you already have.  In addition to using an elevator wrap for your own advertising space, you could sell the space, creating sponsor revenue.  The higher the elevator foot traffic, the easier it will be to secure advertisers to purchase the space.  As always, our experienced design team can help create an eye-catching design for your vinyl wrap.  Contact us for a free quote on elevator wraps Spokane today!

Unique advertising opportunity for restaurants, offices, medical office with graphics or logos or photos printed directly to acoustical ceiling tiles, Give us a call now for fast sign service in Spokane, ceiling graphics

Ceiling Graphics: Ceiling decals vs. printed ceiling tiles

Unique advertising opportunity for restaurants, offices, medical office with graphics or logos or photos printed directly to acoustical ceiling tiles, Give us a call now for fast sign service in Spokane, ceiling graphics

Custom printed ceiling tiles

With a few test runs of printed ceiling tiles under our belt, we decided to take the next step and print a full image over the approximately 30 ceiling tiles in our break room.  After bringing down each ceiling tile one by one and running it through our HP FB500 printer, each tile was repositioned in its respective place, creating one big picture.  The image we decided on was a full cityscape with tall buildings rising into a blue sky.

Some of the tiles were used for color testing, and a few new ceiling tiles replaced the ones that were eventually discarded in testing.  Having worked with both new and existing tiles, Signs for Success production specialist Rich Wilke noted that using new tiles to print ceiling graphics was a much better option.  “The old tiles had dust settled into them, and after running them through the printer, I had to spend a few extra hours cleaning out the machine.  Working with new tiles was much easier.”

What makes a good ceiling graphic?

Before searching for a good image for ceiling graphics, you should first map out the area to be filled.  If, for example, you are working with a long narrow space, you’ll need to find an image that fits that space.  A panoramic image might be just the thing.  Similarly, “you wouldn’t print the Sistine Chapel in a square room because the Sistine Chapel is a big rectangle,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  Also, take note of irregular curves or corners and how that will cut into an image.

You may also want to think about perspective.  When we set out to find an image for our break room ceiling, we knew we wanted an image that gave a 3D effect.  The cityscape was perfect with tall buildings and sky scrapers all around; it gives you the feeling of standing in the middle of a city.  Finally, be sure your image is high-resolution, or can be purchased in a high-resolution format.  This is extremely important in getting a clear image over a large space such as a ceiling.

Northern Quest Spokane Tribe added tule patterned wallpaper to ceiling and old photo images to ends of walls at Cusick Rest Area, Newport, Sandpoint, Spokane

Cusick Rest Stop wallpaper on ceiling and upper walls

Ceiling Decals

So far, we’ve focused on printing ceiling tiles.  If you don’t have ceiling tiles, or want a less permanent option, ceiling decals are perfect.  Ceiling decals work on any surface, from smooth to highly textured.  They can be custom sized large or small and even shape cut.  Our PT Changeable material allows the decal to be adhered firmly to most smooth surfaces, then pulled off and re-applied elsewhere without any loss of adhesion.  If you don’t plan on changing the placement of the decal often, we have several other vinyl decal options that will work on flat or even textured ceiling surfaces.  Even wallpaper can be custom printed and applied to the ceiling to give a unique textured look, like at this rest stop in Cusick (left).

Why ceiling graphics?

Ceiling graphics are great for a dentist’s or chiropractic’s office – anywhere people spend a lot of time on their backs.  Pictures and even text on the ceiling keeps people entertained, can be used as a conversation starter, or just add character to an otherwise bland space.  The ceiling may also be useful advertising space.  Ceilings are underused spaces that demand attention.  Print specials on individual tiles or decals and change them out periodically; the ceiling will become a place people always look.  Contact Signs for Success for a free quote on custom ceiling graphics.

We designed, printed, and wrapped this shipping container for Discount Fireworks, Oroville, WA in Spokane, container wrap

Discount Fireworks Stand Container Wrap

We designed, printed, and wrapped this shipping container for Discount Fireworks, Oroville, WA in Spokane, container wrap

Shipping Container Wrap for Discount Fireworks, Oroville, WA

When we wrapped a giant 40-foot metal container, what was the biggest challenge we faced?  It wasn’t the sheer size of the vinyl wrap, the long hours of labor involved, or a question of where we could possibly store it during installation, though that was a question on all our minds.  In the end, the biggest challenge to installing this container wrap was the surface texture of the corrugated container.

Both the designer and the installers agreed the corrugations that covered the giant metal shipping container on all sides proved a formidable opponent.  The sides had shallow, beveled grooves, and the front and back ends had deep 90-degree angled corrugations.  In the design phase, designer Vanessa Bogensberger had to consider how much of the image would be hidden in the corrugations, and how much, if any, material would have to be added on top of the actual width.  The corrugations on each side of the container were shallow enough that the material could be laid flat, heated, then stretched into the grooves.  When it came to the ends, however, the material would have failed if we tried to lay it flat and stretch it.  The graphics were prepared in the design phase with a cushion of 40% more material over the actual width of each end, and our installers tucked material into the 90-degree grooves as they went.

“It’s the biggest thing I’ve ever installed.  I’ve installed large panels before, but nothing like all four sides of a 40-foot container,” Signs for Success installer Rich Wilke said.  “We spent three full days on that sucker, and it turned out very, very cool.”  The installers agreed the most difficult part of the container wrap was heating and rolling the material into each corrugation.

Luckily, the fireworks graphics did not suffer from stretching, but had it been a logo, “it would have been almost impossible,” Vanessa said.  When working with such a large format, high quality images are key.  “We can proof with low-resolution images before purchasing an image to make sure the customer buys into the concept, but we’ve got to have high-resolution images for large-format printing,” Vanessa explained.  “Jack owns his images already, so that wasn’t a problem.”  When I talked to owner Jack Hughes about the finished product, he said, “It really catches your eye.  People drive by the warehouse and they comment on the stand out there.  The big explosions and big round logo really catch your eye.  Everybody really likes it.”

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on a vinyl wrap or container wrap.  Contact us for a free quote! See the video

This wall wrap printed on vinyl decal for Downtown Spokane Restaurant and Bar adds dimension to a smaller room with a perspective of a winery, vinyl wall wraps

Vinyl Wall Wraps and 9 Other Nifty Ways to Use Vinyl

This wall wrap printed on vinyl decal for Downtown Spokane Restaurant and Bar adds dimension to a smaller room with a perspective of a winery, vinyl wall wraps

Vinyl Wall Wrap in downtown Spokane restaurant

Self Adhesive Vinyl (SAV) is an excellent medium that can be used to get your message on virtually any surface. It can be used to create dry erase boards, vehicle wraps, floor graphics, and more.  Starting with vinyl wall wraps, here are 10 modern vinyl applications, the type of vinyl we recommend, and why:

  1. Historic building signs benefit from conformable wall vinyl that comes off clean and advertising can be added without damage to walls, Whitworth U-District Spokane, vinyl wall wraps

    Whitworth brick wall wrap

    Brick Wall Wrap- We use 8624 Textured Vinyl with laminate to apply to brick or cinder blocks.  This vinyl is perfect for rough textures and porous surfaces. The finished product looks like it’s painted on the surface. Textured vinyl has a releasable adhesive, making removal is easy with no adhesive residue left behind. This is a truly amazing graphics film.

  2. Backlit Sign Graphics- Use Translucent Vinyl for backlit signs.  It adheres to clear Lexan, acrylic or a similar surface and lets light through, illuminating the printed graphics. Translucent vinyl is also available in spot colors.
  3. Reflective Signs- Use Reflective Vinyl for safety signs, emergency vehicles, or anywhere else signage needs to be illuminated in low light.  Most projects require Engineer Grade Reflective Vinyl, but we also have different levels of Diamond Grade reflective vinyl available.
  4. Temporary vinyl that can actually be moved if desired, with this fabric decal wall wrap for United Healthcare ad at Spokane Airport

    Spokane Airport PT Changeable vinyl wall wrap

    Reusable Fabric Stickers- Use PT Changeable Vinyl, a washable vinyl fabric.  PT Changeable vinyl can be re-adhered to any flat surface again and again.  We find it’s especially useful in retail stores where products and layout change frequently.  To wash these fabric decals, use isopropyl alcohol and rub clean.

  5. Decals for Auto Glass- Use Perforated Window Film with laminate to get large graphics on car windows without affecting visibility.  Perforated Window Film, just like it sounds, has tiny holes cut out of the vinyl.  Even though the image is really only half there, it is easily viewable from the outside, and from the inside, the driver and passengers can see right through the vinyl.  There are different perforated window films to choose from with varying degrees of transparency.
  6. Temporary Decals- Use intermediate vinyl.  There are several intermediate, or calendared, vinyl films to choose from.  They are called calendared because they are rolled and flattened into shape.  Intermediate vinyl tends to go back to its natural shape after 1-3 years, meaning you will begin to see curling up at the edges and even cracks through the middle as the material shrinks.  It also tends to be a more aggressive vinyl, which can be difficult to work with, but that inconvenience is off-set by the cheaper price.  Intermediate vinyl is perfect for temporary decals, including truck numbers that need to be updated frequently.
  7. When you want an attractive logo designed, then a custom wrap designed, then your vehicle wrapped, let Signs for Succes do it near Spokane Valley and Airway Heights

    Away with Words full design & wrap on car

    Vehicle Wrap- Use 3M Control Tac Vinyl or Avery Supreme Wrapping Film.  These are both high performance vinyl films specifically designed for vehicle wraps and other long term wrap projects.  These films fall under the category of “cast vinyl,” which is conformable and does not shrink over time.  It is guaranteed to last 5-7 years, is outdoor-durable, and best of all, the releasable adhesive won’t leave any goo when it’s time to remove the vehicle wrap.

  8. Custom Dry Erase Board- Use Dry Erase Vinyl.  It’s a clear vinyl that can be applied over a printed image, giving it dry erasability.  For a really cool effect, apply dry erase vinyl to an entire wall or custom printed wallpaper to make a giant custom dry erase board.
  9. Window Decals- Use Clear Vinyl with a layer of white ink beneath the color to give the image translucence and not transparency.  This will help the color really pop and give your custom decals a professional look.
  10. Blacktop Wrap–Use 6121 Street Vinyl for special use on blacktop or concrete.  This is great for temporary outdoor floor graphics or sidewalk wraps.  This vinyl is not releasable or conformable.

As you can see, we stock vinyl for every occasion.  We strive for excellent customer service, which includes coming up with unique solutions to suit any sign project, timeline and budget.  For vinyl wall wraps to vehicle wraps and everything in between, contact Signs for Success to get started on your custom vinyl project today!

Change Machine Wrap designed, printed and installed by Signs for Success in Spokane, wrap advertising

Wrap Advertising: How to Wrap a Change Machine

Change Machine Wrap designed, printed and installed by Signs for Success in Spokane, wrap advertising

Change Machine Wrap designed, printed and installed by Signs for Success

We love restoration projects and makeovers.  “Makeovers are one of the most enjoyable types of projects we do at Signs for Success,” Owner John Bogensberger said.  The transformation and final product is always fun to see.

One recent makeover was a wrap advertising project for a change machine.  Color change wraps and custom printed wraps can makeover almost anything, from trucks and boats to a beverage cooler – the customer chose a camouflage wrap for his man cave beverage cooler – or even a change machine.

“We created a wrap design to cover over an old change machine,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley said.  “The design was made to match the theme of the customer’s restaurant.”  This custom wrap advertises birthday parties and mirrors the fun atmosphere of 5 Mile Heights Pizza.

wrap advertising with change machine wrap for restaurant

Machine is prepped for install

Signs for Success printed the change machine graphics onto high performance wrap vinyl, then installed the vinyl onto the machine at our facility.  The brightly colored graphics are eye-catching, and they make the old machine look brand new!

How to Wrap a Change Machine

It’s easy.  First strip the old machine of any old graphics or decals, take off any parts that are easily removed, and clean the surface.  Next, place the wrap vinyl where you want it.  Begin smoothing out the vinyl.  If it looks good, go over the surface with a heat gun and smooth with a squeegee tool.  If it needs repositioning, pull up the vinyl, reposition, and repeat.  Use a sharp blade to cut extra vinyl off or to contour cut around handles, openings or other features.

We always recommend having a wrap professionally installed.  Our installers are Avery Car Wrap Certified, have been through rigorous training and testing, and have successfully installed hundreds of wraps.  We want you to get the most out of your wrap advertising, so we make sure the job is done right, and we can guarantee a longer lasting wrap.  Contact us for a free quote!

Restored arcade pinball glass with digital printing by Spokane Signs for Success

Retro Art Restoration: Recreating Pinball Glass

Restored arcade pinball glass with digital printing

Restored arcade pinball glass

Because we create custom digital prints, we often get interesting and unusual requests.  These are fun projects that test our creativity and show off just much our equipment can do.  We were recently asked to restore a retro pinball machine to its original pop art glory.

“The customer had purchased a used pinball machine online.  It was a Williams Heat Wave machine.  He said he used to play it for hours when he was a child,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley explained.  However, when the customer received his beloved pinball machine, the glass was broken into three pieces.  “It appeared at some point someone had shot it with a BB gun,” Will said.  “We scanned the pieces he had, recreated the missing areas from scratch and reprinted the image onto a piece of glass that the customer provided.”

Before and after photo of recreated glass, pinball machine glass, digital printing

Before and after photo of recreated glass

Digital Printing

Signs for Success specializes in custom large-format digital printing.  Digital printing can translate into car and truck wraps, large signs, posters, banners, decals, and so much more.  This project incorporated our extensive knowledge and experience in backlit signs.  Digital printing makes full color backlit signs possible, but getting the color and saturation just right can be tricky when a sign is backlit half the time, and front-lit the other half of the time.  Too often, we see dark sign graphics during the day and washed out signs at night.  So we came up with a solution – layering color with white ink during printing allows a light-blocking layer so the same color and saturation can be seen whether the sign is lit from the front or back.  We used the same technique for the pinball glass.

“There are areas of the image that don’t show up until the image is backlit.  We were able to recreate these areas using layers of white ink and color,” Will explained.  When the lights come on, the graphics really pop out thanks to a layer of white ink and a second layer of color behind those images.

With a little design savvy, state-of-the-art FB500 flatbed printer, and understanding of color and white ink, we were able to recreate the broken pinball glass.  The customer was ecstatic that we were able to restore his pinball machine and will be able to once again “play it for hours.”

Tradeshow displays, retractable banner stands and promotional products are produced by Signs for Success in Spokane