For starting lines or along the route of races, Teardrop and Feather banners are an attractive way to advertise, feather banners spokane

Feather Banners offer Portable Outdoor Advertising

For starting lines or along the route of races, Teardrop and Feather banners are an attractive way to advertise, feather banners spokane

Teardrop feather banners at bike race

Spring has come again, and more advertising is moving outdoors to celebrate the warm weather.  Outdoor advertising is a popular method of attracting customers into a retail location, announcing sales events, or advertising at sporting events or fairs.  Feather banners are a great way to advertise outdoors at tradeshows, conventions and other outdoor events.

Feather banners Spokane are portable, easy to store during cooler winter months, and easy to bring out to events and set up when the days get warmer.  They come in a rectangular, feather or teardrop shape.  Depending on the style, the flags come in 2-3 different sizes ranging from just over 10 feet to over 20 feet tall.  With such a commanding height, along with the movement caused by the wind, these outdoor event displays attract attention and help you stand out among your competitors.  Even in little or no wind, feather flags stay open, as opposed to a traditional flag that hangs down against the pole.  To make the biggest impact, place multiple identical feather flags in a row roadside or at an event.

You can use the spike base or an optional X-base to place these feather or falcon or teardrop banners at or in your business, feather banners spokane


Each banner flag comes with custom full color single or double sided printing.  We always suggest choosing simple graphics with bold colors and minimal text to maximize your marketing efforts.  The large printed area ensures that your promotional banners are always viewable, even from a distance.

Feather or Teardrop banners for Lilac Lanes Casino in Spokane done fast by Signs for Success, call now for free quote

Feather banners Lilac Lanes Casino

Feather banners Spokane also come with a spike base, which can be traded out for an x base or water bag, and a nylon carrying bag for easy transport.  In addition, Signs for Success offers a wide range of outdoor-rated products, such as custom printed banners and tradeshow tents to match your feather banners.  These setups are ideal for sporting events, fairs, theme parks, open-air shopping centers, outdoor tradeshows and more!   Contact us for a free quote on your custom feather banners Spokane!

Spokane Sports Commission can use these Mondo feather flag banners indoors or outdoors, and they look great by Signs for Success, outdoor banner stands cheney

Use Outdoor Banner Stands Cheney for Sporting Events and more

Spokane Sports Commission can use these Mondo feather flag banners indoors or outdoors, and they look great by Signs for Success, outdoor banner stands cheney

Spokane Sports Commission flags on golf tournament

“Outdoor Banner Stands” is a diverse category that includes pole banners, indoor/outdoor banner stands, and feather banners.  Outdoor grade 13 oz vinyl material is used to create all our outdoor banners so they hold up over time and will last numerous outdoor shows and events.

IMAX, think big, pole banners for new movies at Riverfront Park by Signs for Success

IMAX show pole banners

Pole Banners

Pole banners come with mounting hardware to mount to light posts or other outdoor posts.  Outdoor banners can also be mounted to buildings, brick wall and other vertical surfaces with special hardware.  We print on durable 13 oz vinyl banner material, and can make pole banners single- or double-sided.  Your custom artwork will come alive along any street, office building or district with professional pole banners.

Outdoor Banner Stands Cheney

Banner stands, often seen at tradeshows or other indoor settings, can now be brought outside as well!  A heavy duty base specially designed for outdoor use holds custom single- or double-sided graphics for use at fairs, outdoor shows, street markets, sports events, and more!  They are easy to set up and are completely portable for packing and transferring wherever you need your signs to go.

For sporting events or other trade shows, teardrop or feather banners make a great addition, done fast by Signs for Success, Spokane, outdoor banner stands cheney

Welcome to Spokane teardrop banner

Feather Banner Stands

Teardrop banners, flag banners and feather banner stands come in varying sizes ranging from 8 feet up to 23 feet, depending on the style and size of banner you choose.  The biggest difference in style is in the shape of the banner – the name of each category (“teardrop” or “feather”) will help you distinguish the shape of the printed material.  All can be custom printed in full color with either single- or double-sided printing.  The advantage of a feather banner stand is its giant size and the ability to project your message over a very large distance.  We’ve seen these make a huge impact sports events as well as outdoor shows.

Not all feather banners need to be shaped, these mondo stands are great for outdoors and more info can be displayed on the rectangular shape, outdoor banner stands Cheney

Outdoor banner stands, mondo style at Cheney event

Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on outdoor banner stands Cheney; contact us for a free quote today!

Make an impact with pole banners Spokane like Gus Johnson Ford did now with Signs for Success and the Quinn Group

Mark Location with Street Pole Banners

Make an impact with pole banners in Spokane like Gus Johnson Ford did now with Signs for Success and the Quinn Group

Gus Johnson Ford pole banners

Light pole banners and street banners

create an attractive and professional means of letting visitors know exactly where they are.  We have put them in downtown shopping areas, the main street of a town, a local high school, and more.  Give your office park, district, or parking lot a visually appealing sense of identity, and advertise your brand at the same time with light pole banners!

Gus Johnson Ford used giant 10-foot light pole banners throughout their car lot to increase brand recognition and draw in customers.  Envision Homes uses pole banners to mark the way to a new housing neighborhood.

Advertising sponsorship pole banners done fast by Signs for Success, installed at Riverfront Park in Spokane

Pole banners at Riverfront Park in Spokane

Use pole banners for:

  • Event banners
  • Shopping center banners
  • Tradeshow banners
  • Holiday banners
  • Collegiate banners
    • Directional or wayfinding banners

Signs for Success sells pole banner hardware separately.  We recommend spring-loaded poles for street pole banners – they’re flexible in the wind, which increases the life of your banner.

Construction Builders can use site signs and pole banners like Envision Homes in Airway Heights does

Envision Homes site sign and pole banners

You may also be interested in feather flags, which are similar to boulevard banners, but they come with their own stand and can be placed in multiples anywhere, indoors or out.  We see feather flags at tradeshows as a booth marker, at sporting events, and roadside at retail locations and special events.  These come in sizes ranging from approximately 10-30 feet tall, and in rectangular, teardrop or other eye-catching shapes.

Our experienced design team can help you create the perfect pole banners or feather flags for your next big event.  Contact us to get started!

large banner in downtown Spokane near Riverfront Park and Spokane Falls, by Signs for Success, large banner spokane

Spokane River’s Large Banner gets Steel Cable Installation

large banner in downtown Spokane

Welcome to Spokane banner installed on cable system

The much anticipated opening of Huntington Park in downtown Spokane required special preparation to make sure the park—and the view from the park—were just perfect.

“This large banner project was initiated by the Spokane Chapter of Executive Women’s International Committee who was hosting EWI Spring Conference.  A reception was to be held in the newly renovated Huntington Park located on the south shore of the lower falls in Spokane WA,” Signs for Success owner John Bogensberger explained.  The park looked great; however, “on the opposite side of the river was a structure that while slated for repairs and rehabilitation, was still an eye sore to the view from the new park.”

Huntington Park was a project by Avista and the City of Spokane, so they sponsored a 6′ x 60′ Banner to cover the decaying wall during the event and then again one week later at the Official Grand opening of the park.

large banner installation on decaying wall in Spokane

Spokane River lower falls wall before banner installation

The giant banner looked great across the river, and it gave added exposure to Avista and the City of Spokane for these important events.

Large Banner Finishing and Installation

Banners aren’t meant to last forever, but we use the best industry methods to make sure ours last as long as possible.  A strong, outdoor durable 13 oz. vinyl banner material and welded hems make a robust combination.  Even though this banner would only be displayed for a few days, we needed to make sure the extra-large banner was securely attached to the old wall.

Signs for Success installed a steel cable system in the decaying wall to install the large banner on.  The banner was anchored by securing reinforced grommeted edges to two cables that ran the entire length of the banner.  Thanks to the cable system, this large banner was a success.  The simple “Welcome to Spokane” message covered the old wall and extended the beautiful space created by Huntington Park.

We have solutions for any sign project.  Contact us for a free quote!