CTS Color Change Wrap with embossing, designed, created in Spokane

Giovanna Cielo Blu color change wrap on a Cadillac CTS

A color change wrap makes it easy to not only change the color of a vehicle, but a wrap design can also include accents, embossing and other unique features to change the look of a vehicle.  This custom color change wrap was created for the owner of a black Cadillac CTS, who was interested in a new look.

“I took his car and played with several different ideas like carbon fiber and matte black,” Signs for Success designer Will Oakley said.  “During the process, Avery introduced a new color, Giovanna Cielo Blu.  It’s a pearlescent blue with a satin finish.  That’s the color he decided to go with.”  But we didn’t stop with a single-color wrap.  “Then I started playing with body line concepts, looking for patterns along the body lines where we could add carbon fiber accents.”

Will came up with three different design options for the blue and carbon fiber color change wrap.  The design the customer chose also featured underlays to produce an embossed effect.  Overall, this design is full of custom accents and unique upgrades.

Vehicle wrap embossing achieved with cut vinyl underlays

Embossed Color Change Wrap Graphics

On the side door panels, we applied cut vinyl with a thick 20 mil laminate, then applied the color change vinyl.  This produced an embossed effect on both the sides of the vehicle, and also with the embossed Cadillac logo on the hood.  Along body lines, installers used knifeless tape to get vinyl placement just right.

Avery Dennison’s newest line of Supreme Wrapping Film colors are inspired by international designer and luxury wheels manufacturer Diko Sulahian.  “Sleek and polished, and as luxurious as Giovanna Wheels themselves, these…new hues were designed to make a statement,” Avery says of the limited edition line.  The Satin Pearl Cielo Blu that we used on this color change car wrap is unlike any other blue on the market.  It has satin, metallic, and pearl properties that give it depth.

Some key features of this color change wrap vinyl are:

  • Available in many colors and sheens
  • Excellent conformability around curves and recesses
  • Patented Easy Apply RS adhesive technology
  • Excellent durability and performance
  • Provides a colored film and protective layer in a convenient, one-piece construction

If you’re looking for a color change wrap, embossed graphics, or other unique vehicle graphics, we can help you achieve the perfect look.  Signs for Success is a locally owned family business in Spokane, and we strive for excellent customer service, perfect color, and quick turnaround on every project.  Our large production facility allows us to design, print and install everything in-house.  Get quality service and a quick turnaround on a color change wrap; contact us for a free quote today! See the project video below,