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Mesh Stage Banners at the Riverfront Park Pavilion

Mesh stage banners at the Riverfront Park Pavilion add world class effects to this entertainment venue. Recently, we’ve seen restoration and re-imagining happening at Riverfront Park. The Pavilion underwent a massive renovation. It was originally designed for Expo ‘74, the first environmentally themed world’s fair. After the fair, it was an open air structure that […]

Multi-Color Custom Logo Lobby Signs

Multi-color custom logo lobby signs make a statement right when you enter a business or office. This lobby sign for SOAR Behavior Services is an exact match to their Pantone colors.  The perfect color match keeps branding consistent. It also helps clients associate SOAR with their positive experience.  These dimensional letters and logo are installed […]

Lighted Lobby Signs Add Professionalism

A lighted lobby sign adds professionalism to any business or office. We recently created this lighted lobby sign for Fellowship Financial Planning in Spokane.  An external lighting source illuminates and casts dramatic shadows to make this wall display really stand out.  The dimensional letters and logo mounted to a wood-clad wall look amazing with the […]

FlexiBRITE LED Tubing vs Neon

Is that Neon? No, it’s FlexiBRITE LED tubing! Neon signs have long been used to attract customers and set businesses apart. FlexiBRITE LED Tubing signs offer the same vibrant lighting as neon in a variety of colors, and best of all, it costs much less to operate than traditional neon.  Most people know LED lights […]

Custom Standee Cut Outs

We had a great time celebrating 80/50 with QUINN last month. It was the Agency’s 50th anniversary and the founder Jerry Quinn’s 80th birthday. The program was excellent. It was awesome to see and hear their story! Our small part was producing some standees for stage props and photos. Standees are a fun addition to […]

Custom Facility Signs for Avista’s Jimmy Dean Center

Avista Corp., the Spokane-based energy company, needed custom facility signs with consistent branding for their new maintenance and repair facility. Officially named the “Jimmy Dean Center,” it includes a 15,100 square foot maintenance building and adjacent compressed natural gas fueling station. The Jimmy Dean Center is named for a gas line worker who died while […]