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Signs For Success respects the intellectual property rights of others. We ask our customers to do the same. We do not print artwork, logos or images which infringe on any trademark, copyright or other intellectual property right of any party. Below is our trademark policy.

If you are placing an order because you work for a corporation, business or school or represent a group or organization, as long as your order is on behalf of or through that entity, there are no issues. We are primarily concerned with intentional or malicious copyright infringement.

What is a Copyright? A copyright protects original work of authorship such as a picture, drawing, graphics, written work or photograph. Copyright law prevents you from copying another’s copyrighted work for any purpose; making things based on the copyrighted work; distributing copies of the copyrighted work or displaying the copyrighted work. In a nutshell, copyright law protects the expression of one’s idea.

Simply because an image is found on the internet does not mean that it is in the public domain. Further, a person who posts an image on the internet and claims that you are free to use it may not have had the right to post the image in the first place.

All works in any form that are derived from a previous work of another violate the rights of the owner of the previous work. Therefore, if you are creating an image based on the work of someone else, you need to obtain permission from the original creator.

No printing of licensed images for the NFL, NHL, NBA, MLB, NCAA or others.

Customer warrants that artwork, graphics, illustrations, etc…provided to Signs For Success for use as reproductions, signs, banners and all other print media are free from copyright, trademark, or licensing protections or restrictions, and that customer has exclusive ownership of the media presented.

Please print and sign this if there is any question about using the artwork you are asking us to print.




Customer Acknowledgment