4 Things We Love about Color Change Wraps

Avery color change car wrap vinyl, very small printed background to change this bug to hot pink, by Signs for Success, Spokane, color change wrap

Color change car wrap vinyl in hot pink

All our color change wraps are done with Avery Supreme Wrapping Film, and we stock several colors including Matte Black vinyl.  We love Avery’s color change wrap film for several reasons, including how great it looks when it’s installed on a vehicle.  These four reasons sum up why color change wraps are also incredibly easy to install with Avery’s color change wrap film.

  1. Avery color change car wrap vinyl

    Avery color change wrap vinyl

    It’s thin. Avery Supreme Wrapping Film is thinner than many other high-performance vinyl films, so we can use less heat when installing it.  “Using less heat prevents over-stretching of the film, which compromises the adhesive.  The adhesive doesn’t get as good contact with the vehicle, and it can also create visual defects in the vinyl,” Signs for Success certified installer Chris Komski explained.

  2. It comes pre-laminated. Lamination protects the color from UV ray and other wear and tear which can cause fading over time. “It’s already laminated so that saves us time,” Chris noted.  As with any business, time is money.
  3. Air-release channels make install easy. On the back of the vinyl, you can see tiny little hexagons whose outlines form air-release channels throughout the material.  During installation, smoothing the vinyl out over contours is simple because “you can push any air bubbles out through the network of channels,” Rich said. Most other wrap vinyl requires smoothing carefully over the vinyl several times before all the air bubbles can be pushed out the edges of the material.
  4. Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success

    Matte black truck wrap color change installed at Signs for Success. The installer uses a squeegee to smooth out air bubbles.

    Finally, it’s less aggressive, “aggressive” meaning how tacky the vinyl adhesive is. Less aggressive adhesive makes installation much easier since material can be repositioned if necessary throughout the process. Post heating the material once the placement is perfect ensures a permanent hold.  When installing the matte black vinyl for John’s truck wrap, “we exposed the whole back and were able to move it around to adjust the placement.  With [other car wrap vinyls], we wouldn’t have been able to do that,” Chris explained.

Avery’s wrapping film is a high-quality and install-friendly vinyl to work with, and we are excited to continue using it.  Contact us for more information on color change wraps, or to get a free quote on a color change wrap Spokane!